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My research interests relate broadly to the observational study of star and planet formation, with interests in revealing what formation dynamics are at play and how they cooperate to produce the wealth of stellar systems visible today. Most of my recent work has focussed specifically on star formation, using young stellar populations and associations to reconstruct star formation patterns at both the level of individual populations and at a demographic level within the nearest ~1 kpc. This work is being published primarily through the SPYGLASS program (Stars with Photometrically Young Gaia Luminosities Around the Solar System), a series of papers detailing my work discovering young stars, grouping them into populations, and using those populations to gain insight into star formation processes. Some past work during my undergraduate program covers a wider range of topics related to star formation, and recent collaborations include planetary studies. Follow the links below for further information, or click HERE to see my work on NASA ADS!


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