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Undergraduate Research

My undergrad work falls broadly into two categories:

  1. The Study of Star Formation and Young Stars and Planets. This work includes a first-author paper detailing a virial analysis of dense pre-stellar cores across a series of nearby star-forming regions, as well as a second-author paper about the detection of nitrogen in the Beta Pictoris Debris disk that I was extensively involved in. This is the component of my undergraduate work that lead most directly to my current work on young stars. 

  2. The search for massive white dwarfs in young star clusters. This is a project I started and lead up until I made the transition to grad school, and I also got the opportunity to act as a mentor summer students. This resulted in a substantial paper series detailing the discovery of numerous massive white dwarfs and their properties, in particular making note of their highly magnetic properties. I was the second author on the first paper in the series, and a collaborator on the other two. While this is more removed from the themes of my current research, the extensive use of the Gaia archive prepared my well for my current Gaia-based work on young stars. 

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